Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The March of Dimes Premature Baby Walk

I SUPPORT our tiniest Texans! reads the sticker given to me by a March of Dimes walker at the event in Lubbock recently.  It was a wonderful event - free fruit, free hand sanitizer.  I started the event following good music from a distant field.  I saw people all walking toward the event, so I joined the walk.  On the way, I asked a walker, "What is this event for?"  She told me in basic language: it is for the babies that are born before the third trimester ends, in other words, before the 9 month expectant date is up.  Though I didn't sign up and I didn't hear the speech at the beginning, I was still able to attend the event.  For about 30 yards I walked until I got to finish line where enthusiastic cheer leaders shook their pom pom's and yelled, "Yay!"  Though I am just an ordinary citizen and a visitor of Lubbock, I was able to observe and attend the walk.  I do not know much about premature babies, but some premature babies, and even mature babies, aren't able to live until 1 year of age.  This is very unfortunate, and the walk's intent to spread awareness of premature babies is a very noble cause.

I interviewed many people, and they seemed to be having fun. (Interviews and more information to come).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Carbondale City Council, April 2013, Opinion Paper

Southern Illinois University and Carbondale Community: The following is a paper about the possible city council candidates who arrived at the meeting of March 24th to discuss political views and possibilities for service on city council.  This paper does not intend to discourage or disparage any candidates, and is meant only to encourage you as students and faculty of Southern Illinois University to vote in the upcoming election.  Again, I am completely indifferent in the writing of this paper regarding who wins the election.
1. Carolyn Harvey: Carolyn Harvey is a very well dressed, well spoken candidate.  Regarding a possible disconnect between SIU and the City of Carbondale, she said each has its place.  Carbondale can focus on entertainment venues and SIU can recruit students.  "Know your neighbor," she says in regard to improvements of the city.  She is a believer of neighborhood watch.  She also has a firm opinion about housing in Carbondale.  Affordable housing in Carbondale should be a top priority.  She has experience on the Civil Service Counsel.  Carolyn has experience with working with a team and encourages the safety of Carbondale.
2. Jessica Bradshaw:  Jessica Bradshaw is a politically cultured candidate who strongly believes in communication.  She is a business owner, and a graduate of CCHS.  One of Jessica's goals is to beautify Carbondale.  She believes that if downtown has nice trees and a more attractive atmosphere, more people are likely to visit and invest in businesses.  She also believes in being friendly with the students and community.  Give them directions, offer affordable housing, and make them feel like they are at home.  Jessica approves of environmental sustainability, and spoke of cleaning as a way of attracting students to the area.
3. Lee Fronabarger:  Lee Fronabarger is a very cultured individual who has many positive opinions about the growth of Carbondale.  In regards to the relationship between SIU and the city, Lee says, "The city is not in the driver's seat on this issue, but is in the car."  Lee believes (regarding the police department), that a foot patrol could help reduce crime rates and improve the community in general.  Lee talked of strategic planning as a means for helping the council organize their thoughts.  He offered a possible retreat, where city council members, for a short period of time, get together and talk about goals for the future and for the community.
4. Jerrold Hennrich:  Jerrold Hennrich is an individual with merits in the National Guard.  He was one of few candidates to speak about sustainability and the environment, and believes in making Carbondale a less polluted place if we wish to attract students to the University.  Jerrold says that lots of trash and cigarette butts on the streets are not conducive to a better economy.  He also believes that adequate lighting is a good thing that the city should strive for.  Jerrold has experience as an intern at the State Attorney's office and has a Bachelor's degree in political science.
5. Pepper Holder:  Pepper Holder is a man of great knowledge and is very cultured in Southern Illinois History.  Pepper seems to be a family man and someone in support of the Eurma Hayes Center, a child care center doing good work in the Southern Illinois area.  Pepper concerns for the family and people of the area most of all, and draws much inspiration from his Aunt.  In regards to the University, Pepper thinks that Poshard needs to go, and says, "People is the only industry."  Pepper has a very good sense of Carbondale and the history of Carbondale, and strongly believes in renewing downtown.
6. Brent Ritzel:  Brent Ritzel has a strong political background and is from the Chicago area.  Brent is a supporter of the Bucky Fuller Dome, and believes that the communities know better than anyone what the neighborhood needs.  Regarding improvements to the city, Brent approves of handicap accessibility and is very interested in supporting youth entrepreneurship.  He is also an avid supporter of increased participatory democracy.  One unique thing Brent said, regarding Carbondale Arts, is putting an all age club on the strip.  Brent went to Northwestern University and Loyola, and graduated from Carbondale Community High School.
7. Tony Holsey:  Tony Holsey supports the students of Carbondale.  He says, "Students are deprived of fun," and "Communicate with students much more," in regards to the relationship between the city and the University.  Tony also said to hear out the residents and work out a comprehensive plan that is conducive for good feedback for the city.  Tony believes that the rehabilitation of houses will greatly uplift the the image of the community.  Tony is a churchgoing homeowner and landlord.  He says that enrollment will only increase when we are more people friendly.  Tony has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

We are now welcoming Arvind Srinivasaraghavan to the squad.  This man offers good business and marketing knowledge, and in general can communicate well with possible clients.  His business services are top quality as he is getting a degree in Management at SIU.  If you want to get a hold of him, his e-mail address is arvind.srinivasaraghavan@facebook.com

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weaves of Inquiry

I just discovered that a novella called Weaves of Inquiry I wrote 6 months ago could work perfectly in play format.  Although there are only 4 or 5 characters, many animals can star in the play and it is a good opportunity for some revenue for Eaglith Services.  Once the script is converted to play format, I will be seeking actors and people to help out with the services.  This is a nice new gig!

E-mail me at eaglith77@yahoo.com or comment here if you want a copy of the novella.  I haven't got a Copyright on it thus far but I think it would work perfect in play format, and I wouldn't mind sharing the raw novella version.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here is the first piece of work I have been involved in:

Folk Tales

It is very interesting, because these are folks tales from around the world.  You can learn a lot about the various traditions by reading some of these.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Eaglith Typing Services is a dynamic small business willing to type in any creative process for money.  This is currently a one-man freelance organization, and although I don't currently have a degree in Realtime Captioning Technology, I have a speed of 160 words per minute on a Stenograph machine, and have a passion and skill for typing regularly.

 If you have audio that you need converted, or if you have manuscripts of creative stories or novels that you simply want typed onto the Internet, feel free anytime to give me a call at 1-618-203-1561 or e-mail me at noahljgd@gmail.com.